Inspiring Alberta Couple Celebrates their 79th Wedding Anniversary

When marrying your true love, you hope to share a lifetime of experiences, memories and happiness. You don’t often know how many years that’ll entail, but that’s part of the fun attached to holy matrimony.

On October 25, Dan (106) and Bertha (99) Pavelich of Alberta celebrated their 79th anniversary.

“It was a beautiful day,” mentioned Bertha when reflecting back on their autumn 1938 wedding. “The sun was shining, it was just gorgeous. I could be outside in my gown and my veil, not even needing a jacket.”

Ten months after the wedding, Dan and Bertha went from a guy and a gal meeting on the dance floor, to welcoming their first son, Don.

“Their minds are still crystal clear, both of them,” said 78-year-old Don. “That’s really provided me an opportunity to get to know them so well. It’s been a real honour for me.”

This past year hasn’t been easy for the Pavelich’s. They lost their only daughter to cancer, and Dan went to live in a senior’s home, prior to being relocated to the Leduc Hospital in September.

Pavelich Anniversary - Alberta

“Having my mate leave home…never to return, that’s tough,” commented Bertha.

Despite the challenges Dan and Bertha have faced, they remain deeply in love.

“Just want you to know that you’re still the one I would choose. Still the one I give my heart to, still the one I love,” read the anniversary card Dan gave to Bertha.

What’s the secret to their everlasting love?

“To support one another, whatever the problems may be, good or bad,” said Bertha. “Stick together. That’s about it.”

“You know why this lasted 79 years?” Funnily asked Dan in a room filled with family, media and interested onlookers. “She has the last word.”

-Adam Grant

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