Are Canadian Companies Doing Enough to Protect Your Data?

As the world continues to shift more heavily into the digital landscape, Canadians are relying more and more on the actions of various businesses to protect sensitive, private, and personal online information. Thus, trust between individuals and these companies needs to exist.

For a recent survey, IT staffing company Robert Half Technology polled Canadian CIOs (Chief Information Officer) to find out which steps they plan on taking “to enhance IT security for their company today.”

Interestingly, 50% of those surveyed in 2018 said they are pushing to improve their company’s IT security. On the surface that percentage sounds impressive, until you realize that 69% said they were taking such security strides in 2015. Considering how much, and how quickly technology evolves year-to-year, this result could be viewed as troubling.

Part of this dip could have to do with how staff is trained, as just 44% of CIO’s polled are “enhancing employee training on IT security measures.” In 2015, that number was 53%.

Computer Hacking

On the plus side, more CIOs in 2018 are focused on “adding IT security personnel” than they were in 2015.

Still, it is rather concerning that not a higher percentage of companies are aiming to improve their online security measures. Robert Half Technology encourages businesses who may be lacking in this respect to focus more on preparedness.

“Sophisticated digital attacks have become increasingly common, and companies need to go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to effectively safeguard their data,” said Deborah Bottineau, a District Director for Robert Half Technology.  “The best prepared companies are those whose technology leaders are committed to an adaptive, evolving and robust IT security strategy; one that includes staying on top of emerging tools, making regular process enhancements, and providing employees with the resources to preemptively identify and avoid vulnerabilities.”

-Adam Grant

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