More Canadian Seniors are Now Embracing Technology

When it comes to stereotypes unfairly attached to older individuals, thinking they have a lack of interest in, or ability to properly use, modern technology is definitely right up there. In reality, Canadians who are up-there in age are embracing the likes of Internet, smartphones and technology than in recent years.

According to the results from the 2016 General Social Survey (GSS), “Older age groups are making large inroads into the digital world.”

For instance, Canadians aged 45+ increased their Internet usage “substantially” from 2013 to 2016. Most impressively, those aged 65-74 saw their use of the Internet rise from 65% to 81%. For the 75 and up club, Internet usage grew from 35% to 50% in that three-year span.

As for smartphones, 69% of Canadians aged 55-64 owned a smartphone in 2016, while 18% of those 75+ owned such a device.

In terms of overall feelings toward the Internet, 59% of Canadians aged 15 and older agreed “life was better as a result of their use of technology in 2016.” More specifically, about 61% of those between the ages of 15 and 64 felt this way, followed by those aged 65+ (55%) and 75+ (38%).

-Adam Grant

On a recent edition “theZoomer,” host Marissa Semkiw and a panel of medical experts discuss the growing issue of social isolation among seniors. You can watch that episode below.