Get Around Well with this All-Terrain Wheelchair!

Over the years, wheelchairs have come a long way and have made getting around that much easier. However, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve yet to encounter a wheelchair as innovative and versatile as the HexHog.

Described as “the ultimate off-road wheelchair,” the HexHog has a 6×6-sealed transmission, all-wheel drive, and operates on a lithium-ion battery. Also offered is a joystick driving setup, not unlike a traditional motorized wheelchair.

Impressively, the HexHog is designed to perform in all types of terrain, be it the water, through a hilly countryside, upon an uneven pathway, or all-together rough terrain.

“The chassis mechanism will ensure all six wheels maintain contact when traversing rough terrain, rocks and steep steps while minimizing seat movement for a comfortable ride in the most extreme environments,” reads a portion of the HexHog website.

In terms of speed, this wheelchair can reach upwards of 13.6km/h and has a safety harness capable of keeping the occupant firmly in his or her seat. If an issue arises, an emergency stop button situated on the armrest will isolate the battery and apply the brakes once pushed.

For those worried about getting in and out of their day-to-day wheelchair with ease and into the HexHog, there is “a seat transfer system, which advances and lowers the driving seat to a position for independent transfer from a wheelchair.”

With all these features intact, the HexHog four-feet wide and tips the scales at 600lbs.

Pricing for the HexHog is available, by request, through its official website.

Please speak with your physician before considering the purchase of a HexHog.

-Adam Grant

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