Activist Marc Emery Says Pot Doesn’t Impair Drivers

On April 13, the Liberal government introduced a collection of bills designed to make recreational marijuana legal across Canada. Of course, to legalize marijuana throughout the country, a number of provisions and safeguards would be put in place to regulate how the drug is sold, distributed, packaged, possessed and used.

For the latter point, the government would like to enact a zero tolerance approach with regards to drug-impaired driving. As it is proposed, those who are suspected of drug-impaired driving could face sizeable fines and even jail time. To get this point across, a new, comprehensive impaired driving public awareness campaign would eventually be kicked into gear.

During an appearance on the April 17 edition of Global’s “The Morning Show,” marijuana advocate and co-owner of the Cannabis Culture chain of pot dispensaries, Marc Emery, spoke out against the notion that marijuana usage impairs a person’s ability to drive.

“Remember, pot doesn’t impair you,” commented Emery, who also admitted that he smokes pot and drives daily. “This idea, one of the many myths I have to clear out in the next 18 months, is that pot impairs you. Marijuana makes you more self-aware of your situation, so you’ll be a better driver if you smoke pot regularly.”

When asked about Emery’s comments, Toronto Police Traffic Services Media Officer, Clinton Stibbe, said, “the research indicates [Emery] is wrong.”

In March, Marc and his wife/Cannabis Culture co-owner, Jodie Emery, were arrested at Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson International Airport. Both face multiple charges, including ones related to trafficking, conspiracy and possession. Both posted bail and currently await trial.

Hours ahead of the arrest, Jodie Emery appeared on “theZoomer” for an episode dedicated to marijuana legalization.

Click here to watch that episode.

-Adam Grant