McDermott House Canada and True Patriot Love – Two Deserving Charities To Honour Veterans

On tonight’s show, debating our nation’s treatment of veterans past and present, we were pleased to have John McDermott and Michael Burns with us, Founders of McDermott House Canada and True Patriot Love, respectively.

McDermott House Canada, to be located in the Palliative Care Centre of Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, aims to provide the highest level of compassionate care to Veterans and related military personnel in the final stage of their life.

The goal is an environment of integrity and comfort that supports the patients with pain and symptom management, and their families with facilities to be near to their loved ones as often as possible. Communication technology will help bring those closer who are distant, and social gatherings spaces will allow the party to come to the patient, when they would otherwise be unable to leave the facility.

A venture most deserving for those who contributed so significantly to our country, please consider donating here.

True Patriot Love aims to bridge the distance between the military and civilian life, funding initiatives that support the social, physical and mental wellbeing of armed service veterans and their families when government fundings falls short.

Their organization acts as an umbrella funding organization that delivers resources to charities with the infrastructures to deliver programming and meet the broader objectives of True Patriot Love. Disbursements include: the Military Families Fund (MFF), Military Family Resources Centre (MFRC), Camp Maple Leaf, and McDermott House Canada itself.

In the interests of optimal reintegration of our service veterans to the society they served so bravely, please consider donating here here.

theZoomertv Staff