How To Raise the Barre On Your Workout

Keeping fit should be part of your lifestyle at any age, but if you’re getting bored with your routine perhaps it’s time to raise the barre.

The Barre Burn is a total body workout that utilizes ballet movements, changes in rhythm, and progressive core training to slim, tone, and strengthen your body. You look better for it, but even more important, you feel and move better after as well.

Equinox Group Fitness instructor and Nike Athlete Eva Redpath walks us through the key moves from the class, as offered exclusively at Equinox.

Move: Superwoman
Target: Back and core
Benefit: Strengthen lower back and posture

Lie flat on your stomach with arms and legs extended flat on floor. Lift torso and arms a few inches off the floor, without overextending your back. Hold 5 seconds and lower. Repeat for 10–15 reps. To increase range of motion and assist this movement, place forearms on Body Bar, then roll towards you as you extend spine. Press palms into the Body Bar to further engage core.

1. Assisted back extension by placing hands on the floor under shoulders keeping elbows tight by side; press into floor to extend spine and reach chest forward; keep range of motion small.

Move: Assisted Triceps Push Up
Target: Chest, Arms and Core
Benefit: Increased muscular strength and endurance

Start with legs extended, toes on the floor, hands on the floor with arms extended underneath shoulders. Place one hand face down, flat on a block. Slowly bend elbows and lower body to floor with the chest almost touching the hands. Remain in proper alignment with abdominals held in tight. Exhale on exertion. Lower body fully and switch arms by walking hands across. Repeat on the other side, alternating hands. 10-20 reps.

1. Regular triceps push up without the block
2. Incline triceps push ups using a kitchen counter as a base (so as not to have to come to floor; changes gravitational pull on body and makes push ups less challenging)

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