Serving Up Vegan-Style Comfort Food

As much as many of us recognize the nutritional value of a vegan diet, it is one of those dining regimens that can fall victim to well-spread stereotypes. For one, people from the outside looking in can consider veganism a boring lifestyle choice in which the fun is taken out of eating.

However, as we have come to learn, veganism isn’t all about big bowls of quinoa, or a colossal bed of kale mixed into your garden salad. In fact, veganism can also be incorporated in a comfort food format: like a burger.

One place that showcases such an option is Doomie’s, a Toronto-based vegan eatery that features the Big D, a vegan-style Big Mac. Instead of meaty patties, those on the Big D are primarily soy- and wheat-based, and include vegetable proteins.

Vegan Comfort Food

“What I’ve noticed is that people really want nostalgia,” commented Chef Doomie, when discussing why people are attracted to such a meal. “They want that thing that they miss – they want that experience.”

He continued: “Eventually when you do good work and you make great food, everybody hears about it.”

To learn more about Doomie’s and to see vegan-style comfort food come to life, check out this ZNews report by Darrin Maharaj.

-Adam Grant

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