How to Set Up Your Home Bar

If you dream of entertaining more at home or at the cottage, assembling a simple bar set-up can help in your cocktail creations. All you really need are a few basic tools, glasses, and spirits.


“Having a jigger at home and some proper bar tools helps,” says Matt Bryan, Mixologist for the McEwan Group. “Picking up a nice Boston shaker set, bar spoons, and a nice pairing knife can make your bar at home much easier and fun to work with.”

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Use the jigger to measure out liquor and to pour into the Boston shaker (this style of cocktail shaker includes a glass measuring cup to place over the stainless steel one to shake cocktails, plus a strainer for pouring). When the cocktail calls for stirring instead of shaking, your bar spoon will handle the task nicely. A pairing knife is good for slicing off the citrus peels for squeezing over certain style of drinks, for chopping up herbs, and for creating cocktail wedges for garnishes. In addition to these essentials, you’ll want to pick up a muddler to mash herbs, fruits, and spices.

By Nadine Nadine Sharon Anglin. To read more, please click here.