theZoomerTV & CARP present “An Adult Conversation on Medically Assisted Dying”


The long drawn out debate over medically assisted dying has intensified over the last few months due to the proposal of a bill that would allow physicians to help people end their lives under certain circumstances. In June Québec was the first province to adopt right-to-die legislation through the passing of Bill 52, which gives a patient the right to request medical aid in dying as long as they meet a set of criteria. The debate now has the potential to be  settled on a National level and Canada is abruptly confronted with an age-old question: Should terminally ill patients be granted the right to intentionally end their lives through the help of physicians?

With the possibility of more new legislation looming, theZoomer has brought together several key public figures to explore and discuss recent developments in the right-to-die movement. Host Libby Znaimer, VP of News and Information for Classical 96.3fm and the New AM740 ZoomerRadio, and VP for Advocacy at CARP Susan Eng lead the discussion of distinguished panelists, which include The Globe and Mail’s Andre Picard, President of the Canadian Medical Association Dr. Chris Simpson, Veronique Hivon, representative of the riding of Joliette in the National Assembly of Québec, who authored the original Bill 52, and conservative MP Steven Fletcher who is sponsoring Bill C-581.

The bills placed on the table by MP Steven Fletcher are one of two ways in which the criminal code could be amended to permit physician-assisted deaths. The other way comes through the Supreme Court cases of two BC women who have requested aid in dying due to terminal illnesses. The hearing for these cases is set for October 15th and could be another major turning point for Canada’s right to die movement. These events have triggered intense medical, legal and social arguments; with one side calling for the national government to protect and preserve the sanctity of life, and the other demanding the individual’s right to life, liberty and security. theZoomer’s panel discusses these events and answers some critical questions we might have regarding the medically assisted death of family and loved ones including:

What should they be considering in order to make the best decision for themselves and their loved ones?

What do they need to know about the process? What can doctors and nurses tell them now?

What are the limitations of the law?

What is the reality in long-term and palliative care today?

Tune in and join the discussion on October 20 at 9PM EST. on VisionTV

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