Holding the Cards with Ultimate Zoomer Bridge Player Martin Hunter

Much is made about the significance of remaining physically active as we get older. Be it going for walks, lifting weights, or swimming, such activities can go a long way to keeping your body moving at an optimal level. With respect to the mind, that too needs its own type of workout to stay sharp.

For over 30 years, 59-year-old Martin Hunter, says he’s “enjoyed the thrill and challenge” of playing bridge. Now that he’s retired from teaching, Hunter finds himself competing in national bridge tournaments.

“I’ve lived a life of bridge, and it is my passion,” said Hunter. “When I retired, there was no doubt what I was going to do. There are tournaments all over North America on any given day.”

Martin Hunter - Bridge

Offered Nader Hanna, Canadian Bridge Foundation: “For Zoomers in particular, it’s important to not only remain physically active, but also socially and mentally. Playing bridge is a great way of doing that.”

Thanks to Hunter’s bridge-playing passion and the positive example he can set for others, our colleagues at Zoomer Magazine have recognized him as an Ultimate Zoomer. Hunter will soon be featured in a full-page profile within a forthcoming issue of the magazine.

In this video, learn a bit more about Hunter, and go behind the scenes of his Kenny Rogers-esque Zoomer Magazine photo shoot.

-Adam Grant

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