Shoppers Drug Mart Intros Online Wellness Store

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with shopping. We love getting new stuff (practical or otherwise), but often hate the process of having to find it in-store or through a complicated online store.

As a way “to empower Canadians to age with strength, determination and passion,” Shoppers Drug Mart recently launched Wellwise, a retail experience designed to make shopping for health and wellness products that much easier.

“In creating Wellwise, we put the focus on wellness, not illness,” says Theresa Firestone, SVP, Healthcare Businesses, Shoppers Drug Mart. “Wellwise offers an enjoyable shopping experience that gives Canadians the tools and advice they need to age powerfully, not just comfortably.”

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Shoppers opened a Wellwise pilot shop in Toronto this past September, with another brick-and-mortar location expected to open in April. Currently, Wellwise’s most substantial presence is online at Here, customers can shop product categories like wellness, mobility, home comfort, tools and gadgets, personal care, and active living.

Subsequently, products can be ordered at and delivered to either the home of the buyer, or a caregiver who purchases supplies for another individual. Buyers can also subscribe to certain items so that they continually arrive at the door when needed.

Shoppers - Wellwise

As far as online shopping goes, appears to be a rather straightforward site that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and filled with pertinent product information. Shoppers notes that the website is desktop, phone and tablet accessible.

In terms of the physical retail setup, Wellwise provides customers with access to sleep apnea consultants, custom brace fittings, rentals and repairs.

-Adam Grant

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